Cleaning of raw water air-lift pump

1. Remove the hoses for air supply from the air-lift pump nozzles carefully. Take off the hoses in a parallel way with the axis of nozzles – do not move with them side to side!

2. Unfix the hose for raw water pumping from the hanger on the WWTP wall.

3. Take out the raw water air-lift pump from the filter of coarse impurities.

4. Put in the air-lift pump cleaner (the plastic stick for cleaning of air-lift pumps, which is fixed on the wall inside the WWTP)

5. Move with the plastic stick in the air-lift pump to make the pump straight-way.

6. Rinse the air-lift pump with a stream of pure water.

7. Put back the air-lift pump into the filter of coarse impurities and fix it into the hangers, so that the air-lift pump fit into the hanger exactly in the place between the two welded plastic rings. Finally, put on the air hoses onto the air-lift pump nozzles and, at the same time, fix the raw water hose into the hanger to direct this hose into the activation.

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