Replacement of blower diaphragms

1. Unscrew the bolts on the bottom cover.
Remove the top cover.

2. Remove the service cable from the top cover.

3. Take down the L-hose from the exhaust branch of the blower head.Unscrew the cross bolts of the blower head. Remove the blower head.

4. Unscrew the nut M4 on the board of the diaphragm.
Remove the diaphragm with the board and with the diaphragm base from the anchor.

5.a Blowers from LP-80HN to LP-200H
Unscrew the cover of the driving unit.

5.b. Blowers from LP-80HN to LP-200H
Check up the side areas of the anchor and of the electromagnets coils properly, whether they are not damaged. Warning: In the case of an anchor /a coil failure, it is necessary to send the blower back to its producer for repair. 

6. Place and set a new diaphragm according to the shape contacts of the driving unit, the anchor and the diaphragm.

7. Put on the washer with the nut M4 and tighten it with the spanner 25 Ndm.

8.a Put on a new blower head and tighten the cross bolts with the spanner 25 Ndm.
Put on also the L-hose.

8.b Pay attention to placing of the anchor regularly between the electromagnets coils!
The anchor has to be set in a parallel way with the inner edge of the coils.
Loosen the cross bolts on the blower head and centre the anchor. 

9. Do the steps 3 – 8 also with the other blower head /side. 

10. Switch over the protective switch of the diaphragms into the original inactive position.
Put on and screw the cover of the driving unit with the spanner 25 Ndm (LP-80HN – LP-200H).

11. Look at the steps 1 – 2.
Put on and fix the service cable back into the top cover.
Put on the top cover and screw the bolts with the spanner 40 Ndm.

Please, check up the blower functioning after carrying out of the steps 1 – 11. Start the blower and watch, whether you do not hear unknown and unusual sounds. If you can, measure the blower flow by the recommended working pressure.

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