Sludge removal from sludge tank

1. By the help of air-lift pump – partial sludging

1. Switch off the blower and let the sludge settle for about 20 min.

2. Put out the hose of the sludge tank air-lift pump from the blind flange and put it into the prepared container.

3. Put the WWTP into the flow phase. (Switch on the blower and take out the end piece of the controlling float so, that increased water level in accumulation is simulated). 

4. Remove the sludge into the container, until the sludge runs out from the air-lift pump. The stabilized sludge is possible to compost or to use as a fertilizer.

2. By the help of sludge pump – full sludging

1. Let down the pump into the sludge tank and pump out the whole content of the tank.

2. After pumping out of the sludge tank, fill the tank approx. to the half with pure water.

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